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Cahoon - Henry Cahoon Sr
Caler - Donald R. Caler
Calhoon - E. C. Calhoon, Jr.
Camana - Roberto M. Camana
Campen - Capt Floyd Campen
Cantrell - James A. Cantrell
Cantrell - Elizabeth Wylie
Capers - Clark D. Capers
Capers - Marilyn Capers
Caporale - CW4 G. Caporale
Capps - Steve & Mary Capps
Capucci - Michelle F Capucci
Carlile - Raymond C. Carlile
Carraway - Allen R. Carraway
Carroll - George Carroll
Carter - L. A. Pete Carter
Carter - Gladys S. Carter PFC
Casady - WM. Mickey Casady
Cashwell - M. L. Cashwell Jr.
Casper - James R Casper, Jr
Castellow - Bob & Beth
Casterton - W Edward Casterton
Castle - MSG Harold Castle
Chambers - Andrew B. Chambers
Chamblis - In Loving Memory
Chance - Vet's Commission
Chance - James M. Chance
Chang - Roberta K. Chang
Chatman - Lawrence M Chatman
Chauncey - Kenneth R Chauncey
Chauncey - Richard L Chauncey
Chauncey - George F. Chauncey
Chauncey - George E. Chauncey
Chauncey - Bruce E. Chauncey
Chauncey - James E. Chauncey
Cherpeski - Paul R. Cherpeski
Chesapeake - Chesapeake Truck
Chesapeake - Chesapeake
Chesapeake - Chesapeake Police
Chesapeake - Chesapeake Schools
Chesapeake - Chesapeake
Chesapeake - Chesapeake Police
Chesapeake - Chesapeake
Chesapeake - Chesapeake Det
Chewning - Harry M. Chewning
Childers - LCpl Cody Childers
Childers - Thomas R. Childers
Christian - Mark Christian
Church - Fred G. Church
Cibik - COL Steve J. Cibik
Ciccarelli - Joseph Ciccarelli
Cicio - J. David Cicio
Ciucci - Savino Bob Ciucci
Ciucci - Robert "PO" Ciucci
Clark - Dallas R. Clark 93
Clark - David S. Clark
Clark - Jack Barron Clark
Clasing - Alfred E. Clasing
Clement - Lester Sam Clement
Clemons - Frank M. Clemons
Clifton - LCDR Randy Clifton
Clock - Alan M. Clock
Coard - Richard Coard, Sr.
Coburn - William H. Coburn
Cochran - In Honor of my Dad
Cochrane - Clay E. Cochrane
Cochrane - Karen Papasodora-
Cofer - Michael C. Cofer
Coffey - James H Coffey Sr
Cogliandro - Charles Cogliandro
Cogliandro - John J. Cogliandro
Coldren - Lt Kyle B. Coldren
Cole - Robert A. Cole
Cole - Richard J. Cole
Coleman - Grant H Coleman Jr
Coleman - Juanita Vermel
Coleman - Moses Coleman
Coley - Wm. Rufus Coley
Collins - James F. Collins
Collins - Clyde Tom Collins
Collins - BM1 Fred Collins
Collins - Charles J. Collins
Comfort - T David Comfort Jr
Confederate - Our
Conley - Donald L. Conley
Conner - Clarence E. Conner
Consolvo - Frederic Consolvo
Constable - John F. Constable
Conwell - E. Vincent Conwell
Cook - LTJG Jay K. Cook
Cook - Frederick Cook
Cooke - John William Cooke
Cooley - Gary F. Cooley
Coon - MCPO S. E. Coon
Coon - Mark E. Coon
Cooper - Benjamin J. Cooper
Cooper - Benjamin A. Cooper
Cordell - Walter E. Cordell
Cornelius - John W. Cornelius
Corson - Cdr Peter D Corson
Corson - Lt Col G A Corson
Cosgrove - LCDR John Cosgrove
Costa - John F. Costa
Costanza - Peter Costanza
Costello - Phillip J Costello
Cotton - Roland W. Cotton
Cottrell - Dana R. Cottrell
Counts - Charles J. Counts
Cowand - David Neal Cowand
Cowand - Jennifer L. Cowand
Cowand - Col David G Cowand
Cowand - Allcy Cowand
Cox - Elbert E.Cox Jr.
Cox - Mark S. Cox
Crafton - Michael Crafton
Crafton - JohnDelbertCrafton
Crafton - Michael T Crafton
Craig - Lonnie Craig
Craver - Burke H. Craver
Craver - Burke H. Craver Jr
Crawford - COL Tom Crawford
Creasman - Charles E Creasman
Creech - Edward M Creech Jr
Creef - Ludford T Creef Jr
Cromuel - March Cromuel Jr.
Cromwell - Alvin L. Cromwell
Crook - Bert M. Crook USN
Crouch - Stephen R. Crouch
Crouse - Ernest Lee Crouse
Cuffee - Dr Clarence Cuffee
Curling - Hunter C. Curling
Curling - Earl P. Curling Sr
Curling - Clarence M Curling
Curling - Horace E. Curling
Custer - Ernest D Custer Sr
Cutler - William Cutler
Czarny - John R. Czarny
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